23. August 2009

Climate protection: Stomp, stomp, clap!

During the last weeks (and especially the last three nights) I discussed some basic ideas and mechanisms of climate protection. I heared that a lot of people are eager to contribute to climate protection. They just don’t know how to start and what to do. I was really surprised to hear that, but the longer I think about it, the clearer it is: Climate protection is far from being simple.

If we want a mass movement, we have to shout the message out loud and find the right rhythm.

My little daughter is two years and a half now. Although no-one told her to do so, she does the stomp-stomp-clap thing, everytime she hears Queen’s “We Will Rock You”. And then she starts dancing to the rhythm. I believe that there are just a few songs around, that moved people more than “We Will Rock You” did – and still does.

Climate protection has to touch the hearts of the people. It has to rock the world.


That was Queen back in 1985 in Budapest. Freddie Mercury was not the only one to rock the world with this song. The more time I spent on YouTube, the more WWRY videos I found. My favorites are:

  • Axl Rose and Queen (Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, 1992)
  • Queen and Paul Rodgers (Return of the Champions Tour, 2005)
  • Robbie Williams (London, 2005)
  • Sona Arctica (Santiago de Chile, 2008)
  • Beyoncé Knowles, Britney Spears and P!ink (Pepsi commercial, 2006)
  • KPCK (animated Evian commercial, 2003)

Enjoy, sing and do the stomp-stomp-clap: