15. Oktober 2009

Gordon Browns Beitrag zum BAD09

Der britische Premierminister Gordon Brown hat heute in seinem Blog einen bemerkenswerten Beitrag zum Klimawandel veröffentlicht, den wir Ihnen hier auszugsweise wiedergeben möchten:

“Climate change is the biggest threat to all our futures. It will affect every individual, every family, every community, every business and every country.

So it is fitting that today people from all over the world are coming together to blog on climate change for Blog Action Day.


Sarah and I are trying to do our bit. In Downing Street, we are composting, recycling, using energy-saving light bulbs and buying locally-sourced and sustainable food whenever possible. It’s little things like this which will make a big difference if we all do them.

Like every parent, I want to leave a safe and secure world for my children. And I want to be able to look them in the eye because our generation stood up for their future.”