14. Januar 2010

Protest World Rookie Fest 2010

100 rookies, including  World Rookie Champion 2009 Roope Tonteri from Finland, are next to land in Livigno, Italy, for the 3Star Protest World Rookie Fest.  In addition to the competitive aspects, the event has set itself a mission to become the first carbon neutral youth snowboarding event.

Picture from Livigno

Standing behind the slogan “The Future is Here”, the Protest World Rookie Fest 2010 announced a few new points to promote this concept.  The best rookies from all over the world will compete for prizes which will help them with their careers as future stars of snowboarding: such as a wildcard to the 6 Star Oakley Arctic Challenge 2010 in Norway, the cornerstone event of the TTR World Snowboard Tour, founded by Terje Haakonsen or a freeride trip to Chile together with international pros and a professional a film production company.

To express respect for the surrounding nature, the Protest World Rookie Fest has teamed up with a project for renewable energy from wood biomass based in Tirano, a few kilometers from Livigno. This energetic project uses surplus biomass residues to generate electricity for 500 houses, avoiding the use of 3,5 million liters of gasoline and 10.500 tons of CO2 per year. Also this project pushes traditional agricultural activities and mountain forest maintenance in the same area where the event happens. In this way the event offsets the CO2 emissions generated and reaches the status of a carbon neutral event, by ClimatePartner.

For more information, you find a video by zeroEmission.tv here . It’s an interview. Although I do not speak italian and do skiing instead of snowoarding,  seeing this pictures makes me think: “Whoa, let’s leave the office, up into the mountains right now!”