14. September 2011

5th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum of New Champions in China

Starting today, the 5th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum of New Champions is taking place in Dalian, China. This three-day event is the most important international business gathering in Asia. Under the theme ‘Master Quality Growth’, more than 1,500 stakeholders convene to gain foresight in current economic, business and technology developments, which will have an impact on consumer behavior, business models, and financial markets.

Business leaders, heads of government, ministers of energy, science and industry, social entrepreneurs, and media representatives are participating in the Annual Meeting. Our managing director Moritz Lehmkuhl, a young global leader of the World Economic Forum, is also attending the event. “The World Economic Forum is an excellent platform to discuss newest developments in an international setting with many global leaders joining the Forum. I expect most valuable discussions and commitment to action around reducing the impact of global warming.” Moritz Lehmkuhl says and adds: “Since the release of the Japanese version of our system solution for balancing and offsetting carbon dioxide two months ago, we now have an even stronger focus on the Asian market.“

Alongside the World Economic Forum, a brainstorming session about energy opportunities will take place to which Moritz Lehmkuhl is invited. Organized by CNBC, Harvard Business Review, Caixin Media and Shell, the event is designed to present and discuss ideas on how a carbon low energy supply can be possible in the future. The think tank is hosted by Squawk Box anchormen Geoff Cutmore and broadcasted internationally on CNBC.

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