16. November 2011

ClimatePartner Celebrates Five Years of Success in Delivering Climate Protection Solutions for Companies

More than 1,000 customers from 20 countries and diverse industries are profiting from individualized climate protection solutions delivered by ClimatePartner.

Since September 2006, the climate protection consultancy ClimatePartner has been consulting and enabling a total of more than 1,000 companies from 20 countries to effectively practice climate protection. Since its foundation, the company has established itself as the market leader in several branches. In addition to individualized consulting solutions, ClimatePartner develops software solutions that can be fully integrated into its customers’ value chain.

ClimatePartner was founded by Moritz Lehmkuhl in 2006 with the goal of offering companies concrete, relevant, and applicable solutions in climate protection. Right from the start there was a focus on individualized climate protection consulting for corporate customers. This particularly includes the calculation of the greenhouse gases a company emits, known as a corporate carbon footprint, as well as carbon emissions from products and services, known as product carbon footprints. ClimatePartner also works with clients to develop strategies and concepts for reducing and avoiding carbon emissions. Furthermore, the company delivers the next relevant step in climate protection: offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. To do so, it works directly with leading project developers to source carbon offset certificates from recognized carbon offset projects. This makes it possible for ClimatePartner clients to offset their unavoidable carbon emissions and offer climate neutral products and services.

Software Solutions: Climate Protection at the Push of a Button

Two years ago, ClimatePartner developed software for balancing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. This IT solution is accessible online and is the first to combine the calculation of carbon emissions dynamically and their direct compensation in one proprietary platform. The software can be integrated into a company’s pricing calculations and management information systems, such that individual products, services, and customer orders can be computed and their carbon emissions offset at the push of a button. ClimatePartner’s system has been TÜV (German technical inspection authority) certified and makes it possible to provide full transparency to customers on carbon emission calculations and on the process of climate neutrality in products and services. This system is currently the only of its kind, is publicly accessible, and is traceable via an individually developed tracking and verification system.

From Market Leader in the Printing Industry to Global Player in Climate Protection

The first sector that the climate protection service provider successfully developed was the printing industry. To do so, ClimatePartner invented the climate neutral printing process, making it possible to automatically render printing products climate neutral. From its market leading position in the printing industry, ClimatePartner went on to develop solutions for several markets, starting with paper and packaging manufacturers and moving on to logistics and consumer goods producers, automotive suppliers, and producers of brand-name articles. Customer’s now mainly include large medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. Five years after its foundation, the staff at ClimatePartner is consulting more than 1,000 customers from 20 countries. The climate protection pioneer has turned into a diversified service provider and supplier for IT system solutions. Thus far, well over one million tons of carbon have been reduced and ca. 300,000 tons of carbon have been offset due to ClimatePartner’s services.

“Numerous companies from a wide variety of industries are increasingly assuming responsibility for climate protection. What was once a hip PR topic has turned into a real business element to be taken seriously,” explains Moritz Lehmkuhl, founder and CEO of ClimatePartner. “In the future, both companies and consumers will increasingly expect more transparency for the environmental effects products and services cause, and will demand that companies implement specific measures for reducing and offsetting carbon. Today, the demand for climate neutral products is growing, which has given companies an innovative opportunity to distinguish themselves from the competition.”

International Expansion

ClimatePartner is already active in Europe, the USA, and Asia. For Moritz Lehmkuhl, who has been a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum since 2010, further internationalization of business will play a path breaking role: “The Asian market in particular is becoming more and more attractive for us. After launching a Japanese model of our IT solutions, attending trade shows in Japan, and holding intense meetings with the first customers in Asia, that market is increasingly becoming a focus for us.”

ClimatePartner’s internationalization now continues to be driven by Tristan A. Foerster, a half US-American with proven expertise in globalizing business models, and now co-CEO with Moritz Lehmkuhl since January 2011. He will be implementing further steps for expanding ClimatePartner’s services. Furthermore, Foerster applies his many years experience from Roland Berger Strategy Consultants to expand ClimatePartner’s consultancy skills. “Climate protection has now become a management issue for our clients. It can only be put into practice effectively if a company’s management stands behind it and ensures rigorous implementation throughout all business processes,” says Foerster. “This is the only way for climate protection to be perceived as authentic and credible by customers.”


Moritz Lehmkuhl, founder and CEO at ClimatePartner (l), and Tristan A. Foerster, CEO at ClimatePartner

Moritz Lehmkuhl, founder and CEO at ClimatePartner (l), and Tristan A. Foerster, CEO at ClimatePartner


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