17. Februar 2012

Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair-Landry successfully complete transcontinental crossing of Antartica

100 years after the explorers Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott, environmental activist and photographer Sebastian Copeland and his partner Eric McNair-Landry have successfully completed a transcontinental crossing of Antartica on skis and kites. The trip is climate neutral thanks to ClimatePartner.

Starting on the east coast of the continent, they covered approximately 4,100 km reaching the west coast after 81 days on January 23, 2012. During their legacy crossing, they completed three world records. Sebastian and Eric were not only the first to complete a transcontinental crossing of Antartica, they were also the first team to reach the Pole of Inaccessibility (POI) from the east coast without motorization. The POI is the farthest point from any coast, and regarded as the most difficult place to reach on Antarctica. Moreover, both were first to link the POI to the geographic South Pole.

The weather conditions were one of the many challenges the team had to face

Sebastian Copeland: “There are few places on Earth that instantly conjure awe and a quiet respect. In 1911-12, Scott and Amundsen etched their names in history by being the first to conquer the South Pole. This Legacy crossing aims to honor their memory by linking, in one continuous trip, an East/West traverse of the most inhospitable environment on Earth, setting tracks where no man has been before.”

Sebastian and Eric with ClimatePartner flag at the South Pole

With his expeditions, Sebastian hopes to raise awareness on climate change and its effects on the Arctic region. This is his third trip whose carbon emissions have been offset by ClimatePartner supporting a forestry project in Sofala, Mozambique.

The trip is climate neutral thanks to ClimatePartner

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More information about Sebastian Copeland is available here: www.sebastiancopeland.com