26. Juni 2012

Green Ticketing – climate neutral events with amiando and ClimatePartner

Individual and transparent carbon calculation and offsetting for event participants

amiando, Europe’s leading online tool for event registration and social ticketing, offers its customers the innovative opportunity of a climate neutral event participation in cooperation with ClimatePartner. The individual carbon emissions of each participant are determined depending on travel distance and type of event. Each participant can choose to support a forest protection project in Mozambique to offset the carbon emissions caused by their event participation. Starting now, the new service, Green Ticketing, is available in German, English, French, and Spanish.

amiando’s online event management-software simplifies professional event organization and provides a completely paperless registration process for events. amiando now offers the innovative service Green Ticketing in cooperation with ClimatePartner. For every ticket purchase the individual attendee’s carbon emissions are calculated and declared automatically. By supporting an internationally recognized carbon offset project, a forest protection project in Mozambique, each participant can offset the carbon emissions of their event participation and thus render their part of the event climate neutral.

Climate Neutral Events for Climate Protection

Every event causes carbon emissions, from attendees traveling to and from the event to the energy consumption at the event or to attendee accommodations. There are multiple ways to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, such as saving energy for lighting or music, by travelling with public transportation to and from the event, by using renewable energy sources and an intelligent catering which provides regional food and offers vegetarian alternatives.  Unavoidable emissions can be offset by the support of internationally recognized carbon offset projects. Carbon offset projects demonstrably reduce carbon emissions. These savings are represented by carbon credits. By buying credits, participants can assure that the forest in Mozambique is preserved and that new trees are planted. Forests function as natural carbon reducers. Thus, participants are making a contribution to climate protection and are protecting the forest areas worldwide.

Climate Neutral Event Participation – Easy and Transparent

ClimatePartner’s calculation is integrated in the amiando system and takes into account the travelling to and from the event of each participant, the type of event, duration of the event, as well as potential attendee accommodation. The carbon emission calculation is automatically displayed and does not require the participant to provide any additional information. With only one click the emissions can be offset thanks to the certified process by ClimatePartner. For maximum transparency, an individual identification number is generated for each climate neutral event attendance. All carbon offset information is listed online. A certificate proving the climate neutral event participation of each customer is available for download.

“As Europe’s leading online tool for event registration and social ticketing, we want to support our customers in organizing an environmentally friendly event. Our system already allows for a completely paperless registration process. From now on we offer our customers the opportunity to make all the factors which contribute to carbon emissions, such as travelling to and from the event and accommodation, climate neutral in just one step”, says Felix Haas, CEO amiando.

Tristan A. Foerster, Managing Director of ClimatePartner, adds: “Due to the cooperation with amiando, numerous event participants and organizers can be sensitized to the issue of climate protection. Based on our long lasting experience with climate neutral events, we have designed a solution so that the carbon emissions of every participant are automatically listed and with the push of a button, offset – every participant can make their own contribution to climate protection. We document this contribution with a certificate”.