27. Januar 2016

ClimatePartner moves into the UK


Nick Hancock has been appointed as the UK’s Sales Manager for climate protection expert ClimatePartner. In this role, Nick will be guiding the company’s research and growth in the UK and developing new business, whilst supporting existing customers.

ClimatePartner is already well established in Europe since 2007, working with more than 700 print, packaging and paper companies to measure, manage, reduce and offset their carbon impacts. This knowledge is now being offered to printers, packaging and paper manufacturers in the UK.

Nick is well known within the industry and has a wealth of experience working with companies such as Konica Minolta, Xerox, Kodak and Sharp. He is also a freeman of the city of London and is actively involved with organisations including the BAPC, BPIF, APCOM, IPIA, APME and PICON, to name but a few.

Most recently, Nick has been working in a business development support role for Earth Island Publishing and as a reporter for Quick Print Pro in Brighton.

Nick has always been eager to help companies in the print industry to gain new business opportunities and to make the most of what they do. The ClimatePartner offer will now extend this even further.

Nick said, ‘More than 60% of print consumers have shown an interest in companies that are already engaged in climate protection. As such, this is something that every print company will need to look at.’

He continued, ‘Working with ClimatePartner can help you to foster a more positive corporate image, reduce costs, and help to increase revenue.

‘We can support you in all this, as well as showing you how to measure your impacts and look at practical ways to minimise your carbon emission in an open and transparent way. ’

He looks forward to talking to you soon.

Nick’s contact details are:
Mobile: +44 (0) 7414 888968
Office: +44 (0) 1582 797981