July 18, 2017

lavera Naturkosmetik and climate protection in one package

The new product from lavera Naturkosmetik is in climate neutral packaging.

lavera Hydro Effect Serum

The Hydro Effect Serum uses organic algae to protect against environmental influences like smog. At the same time, the folding packaging protects against environmental effects on the climate: lavera Naturkosmetik selects materials consciously, working to make packaging lighter and more sustainable by using less paper and cold foil instead of hot foil. All emissions generated by their packaging have been offset. To do so, lavera supports our water purification project in Kenya.

Thanks to this project, households in rural areas in Kenya receive access to clean drinking water, and water filters are distributed to homes. It is no longer necessary to boil water in advance or to collect wood – which is expensive due to being illegal. This means families avoid carbon emissions and profit from higher health standards and better air in their homes. Children have more time for school, and local jobs are created.