August 23, 2017

ColomPac for climate protection: sustainable postal packaging by Dinkhauser

Trump AnzeigeAs online retail grows, so do the effects it has on the climate. When goods are sent in small units, not only do the number of transport routes increase, but the packaging weighs more and more in aggregegate. Depending on product weight and transportation distance, packaging can easily generate half of the greenhouse gas emissions caused from shipping.

As one of the largest packaging manufacturers in Europe, Dinkhauser is addressing this subject in a resolute manner. Postal packaging with a self-adhesive seal made from corrugated board, which in turn consists of 80 percent recycled paper. That makes it relatively environment friendly and climate preserving.

Yet Dinkhauser goes even further and is consistent in advocating for climate protection: since the beginning of the year, all products are being manufactured climate neutrally, including postal packaging under the ColomPac brand. To do so, the company offsets all CO2 emissions generated, such as those from production, administration, and business travel. To that end, they support a biomass project in Jilin, China, which demonstrably saves CO2. The most important produt lines of ColomPac, tidyPac, and joyPac have had climate neutral production since 2014, with all other products now having joined that status as well.

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