Climate experts, strategists and all-round doers

Meet the ClimatePartner Team

Climate experts, strategists and all-round doers

More than 500 employees now all work towards achieving one communal goal: improving lives with climate action. We are scientists and business economists, graduates in humanities and environmental experts, IT developers, industry experts – and we are all convinced that if we wish to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius as agreed in Paris, then a lot of hard work is needed. Every single one of us has to face up to the challenge, both private individuals and companies, of reducing our climate impacts and improving global biodiversity.

Your direct contact: First Level Support, Commercial Sustainability, Talent Acquisition and PR

ClimatePartner employs over 500 people at several locations in Europe and the USA. Customer Management, Project Development and Support, Digital Solutions, Marketing – all these departments and many more ensure that we continue to advance climate action on a daily basis.

Due to the size of our company, you will only see the people you have first contact with on this page. If you would like to speak to someone from another department, we would be happy to hear from you via our contact form.

Moritz Lehmkuhl, CEO & Founder

Moritz Lehmkuhl came across the topic of climate action in 2003. At that time, he was managing an EU-funded project and developed a concept on how companies can get involved in climate action. In 2004, he became self-employed in this field and founded ClimatePartner in 2006. Moritz Lehmkuhl holds a degree in Business Administration (University of Münster), is a post graduate student of Harvard University and the Indian School of Business and was awarded the title of Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2010.

Tristan A. Foerster, CEO & Co-Founder

Tristan A. Foerster has been the Managing Director of ClimatePartner since 2011. The economics graduate (Freiburg, Paris) was the personal assistant of Roland Berger and advised banks and insurance companies. He has experience in the business development of online service providers such as Lycos Europe as well as in the internationalisation and marketing of be2's online dating service in more than 30 countries. Tristan Foerster has founded a number of online media and e-commerce start-ups, among them PriceCrash AG.

Commercial Sustainability Germany

ClimatePartner gives me the opportunity to have a real impact on climate action and contribute  to a sustainable future across multiple projects and industries.  
Cornelia Adam
Consumer Goods
Kathrin Streppel
It is a pleasure for me to work every day with great colleagues and motivated companies for an incredibly important task. Climate action is something that concerns us all!
Julia Taras
I work with ClimatePartner because I enjoy working with providers for mobility and energy services as well as digital businesses. Together we identify tailored climate action with benefits for climate and costumers.
Susanne Wöllecke
Team Lead Commercial Sustainability
Here at ClimatePartner we show companies of all industries how to take responsibility for their very own footprint. An important and exciting task.
Martin Michelberger
Consumer Goods
Climate change requires swift and immense action. I am happy to support companies on their contribution to that.
Sebastian Dietl
Richard Famers
At ClimatePartner, I'm able to combine my love of sales with a task that means something, saving our planet bit by bit each day in an environment that's harmonious and professional.
Michael Flunger
Industrial & Consumer Goods
Ich bin der Überzeugung, dass es ein notwendiger Schritt im Kampf gegen den Klimawandel ist, Unternehmen zu sinnvollen Klimaschutzmaßnahmen zu befähigen.
Victoria Gerschbacher
Commercial Sustainability Manager
I work on rendering more and more products of everyday use climate neutral, so that everyone can fight global warming when shopping.
Loïc Maßen
Head of Sales
In my view, the sustainable use of resources on the one hand and sustainable economic activity on the other are the foundations of long-term quality of life for ALL generations.
Christian Regner
Consumer Goods
Climate change is real. The facts are there and the solutions as well. I’m motivated to help companies to tackle the climate crisis.
Philip Neugirg
Commercial Sustainability Manager
At ClimatePartner I can get companies of all types and sizes interested in fighting global warming. I do especially like the exchange with the most diverse people.
Sebastian Schnabel
Team Lead Commercial Sustainability
At ClimatePartner I can work with amazing and motivated clients, wonderful colleagues - who are great experts - and can contribute to real climate action.
Liza Seehofer
It's simply a lot of fun to find exactly the right solution for each individual client so they can successfully commit themselves to protecting the climate to the best of their ability.
Marcel Sentek
Finance & Services
Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, keep nothing but memories.
Thomas Staebler
Industrial Goods

Commercial Sustainability Austria

My motivation is the protection of our beautiful planet by enabling companies to take climate action.
Florian Egger
Commercial Sustainability Manager
It motivates me to work together with committed people and to give companies and consumers the opportunity to actively participate in climate protection.
Daniel Pointner
Commercial Sustainability Manager
I do believe that we can protect our planet and achieve economic success at the same time when we use the right technologies.
Jakob Sterlich
Head of Commercial Sustainability

Commercial Sustainability Switzerland

Climate action concerns all of us and only together we can create a sustainable future. At ClimatePartner, I support companies in making their contribution to tackle the climate crisis.
Vanessa Müller
Food & Beverages
Because we make our clients our partners in combatting climate change and, as Victor Hugo said, nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.
Sven Berther
Retail, Logistics, Insurance
I'm at ClimatePartner because it gives me a good reason to get up every morning – promoting climate protection and an incredibly broad range of responsibilities that don't allow for boredom.
Oktay Çetinkaya
Nonfood & Print, Paper, Packaging

Commercial Sustainability UK

I believe there is enough for us all, forever. Helping clients to take action is both challenging and inspiring.
Oliver Allcock
SMCG & Professional Services
Whilst we reduce emissions in the race to Net-Zero, we must urgently scale up investment into projects that result in the co-benefits of carbon removal, biodiversity net gain and social justice.
Nicholas Daniel
Commercial Sustainability Lead
I feel privileged to work with businesses on tackling the climate crisis with real and practical solutions.
Emilien Hoet
Head of ClimatePartner UK
Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation. I want to look back on my career and be proud that I was part of the solution. 
Charlie Kingsley
Sports Nutrition, Tea & Coffee
It is hugely satisfying to work for a company that simplifies the complex topic of climate action. I love the variety that comes with working across industries – no one day is the same at ClimatePartner.
Lucy Kirkup
Personal Care, Cosmetics & Packaging
Working at ClimatePartner with a global network of companies to take immediate climate action makes every task I do feel worthwhile, exciting, and vital.
Tom Sadan
Plant-based Food & Print/Packaging
I get to live my own superhero fantasy everyday by working with a great team and brilliant clients. ClimatePartner offers meaningful work with purpose.
Jack Warren
Animal Protein and Logistics

Commercial Sustainability France

Tackle the climate change? The question is not why, it's how! I have joined ClimatePartner to support Organizations to contribute to climate neutrality.
Yasmine Akbaraly
Commercial Sustainability Manager
ClimatePartner is more than just a very dedicated team, we bring our partners to conduct ecological projects for the benefit of all beings on our planet.
Romain Bécaud
Commercial Sustainability Manager
I feel extremely fortunate to be part of this extraordinary company, to earn my living facilitating corporate climate action, and contributing to this global mission.
Matthew Critchlow
Head of Commercial Sustainability

Commercial Sustainability Netherlands

  I work at CP because it allows me to take care of the planet in my own way, thereby protecting each other and ourselves.
Neiza Franciska
Commercial Sustainability Manager
Working at ClimatePartner allows me to contribute towards a conscious and more responsible economic business mode and work together with brands to drive purposeful climate action. Now.
Kristel Molly
Commercial Sustainability Manager
Contributing to help fight climate change by doing what I like. Helping companies to do things better.
Robert Viertelhauzen
Head of Commercial Sustainability
Working with purposeful brands to create climate action, now, today. So that consumers can make more sustainable decisions every day.
Nadine Mooren
Commercial Sustainability Manager

Commercial Sustainability Italy

Giorgio Bertolini
Head of Commercial Sustainability
I have joined ClimatePartner to help companies move from climate ambition to climate action. NOW!
Lisa Mazzon
Commercial Sustainability Manager
Working at ClimatePartner gives me the opportunity to give my contribution towards a fairer and more responsible economic business mode.
Francesca Milani
Commercial Sustainability Manager
Helping any kind of companies to take climate action is a concrete and exciting opportunity to accelerate the highly needed shift towards a more sustainable world.
Greta Nosengo
Commercial Sustainability Manager

Commercial Sustainability Spain

Tom Weseloh
Head of ClimatePartner Spain

Commercial Sustainability Sweden

Companies, irrespectively of their size, can always do something to improve their carbon footprint. At ClimatePartner I help companies take climate action, for a better future - for all of us.
Massimo Di Biaggio
Head of Commercial Sustainability

Commercial Sustainability USA

It is especially the fantastic people at ClimatePartner I am proud of working with to improve lives together every day.
Tristan A. Foerster
It is time to turn the tide through climate action before the tide turns on us and the nature I care about is lost.
Patrick Ronai
Commercial Sustainability Manager

Commercial Sustainability International

I am here to save the world. Not for people, but for every perfectly evolved creature and their ecosystem. They deserve it. We can do it. Together.
Oria Palmer
Commercial Sustainability Manager
No company is too big, too small, too simple or too complex to help contribute to a positive change. At ClimatePartner we support all companies within climate action, regardless of previous experience.
Maria Oldeen
Commercial Sustainability Manager

Sales Carbon Offset & Green Energy

Samantha Bigwood-Ölz
Green Energy
Jenny Oakes
Carbon Offset & Green Energy

Talent Acquisition

At ClimatePartner, I'm excited about the broad scope of my responsibilities, the chance to work in a great team, and our important mission to make a difference in the fight against climate change.
Mona Engellandt
Team Lead Talent Acquisition
Bei ClimatePartner verbindet uns die Leidenschaft für den Klimaschutz. Wir lernen ständig voneinander und behalten uns den Spaß bei der Arbeit bei.
Antonia Inkoferer
Talent Acquisition
ClimatePartner gives me room for personal development, which motivates me to be there for the great team in the best possible way every day.
Jessica Groß
Talent Acquisition
At ClimatePartner, my passion for HR can be perfectly combined with the topics of sustainability and climate action. Add to that working with this great team - that makes a perfect match for me.
Lena Stapleton
Talent Acquisition
It inspires me to work with such a passionate and motivated team on making the world a slightly better place. At ClimatePartner I can combine my values with my personal growth and professional career.
Sandra Trageiser
Talent Acquisition
At ClimatePartner, I have the privilege of being part of a highly motivated, passionate, international, and lovely team that is committed to the most important issue of our time – climate action.
Katrin Wittmann
Talent Acquisition
ClimatePartner gave me the opportunity to take part in climate action by recruiting passionate talents who will also contribute to the protection of our planet. 
Alix le Mintier
Talent Acquisition
At ClimatePartner, I not only have the chance to work together with a great and passionate team, but I also have the opportunity to contribute to the protection of the climate through my work.
Julia Wolf
Talent Acquisition

First Level Support

Ich freue mich über jede Erst-Betreuung unserer Kunden und Interessenten, um nachhaltigen Klimaschutz voranzutreiben, der jeden von uns betrifft.
Jochen Schumann
First Level Support

Public Relations

Climate protection has to be told, explained and be made a tangible experience. This is both a task, motivation and inspiration.
Dieter Niewierra
Public Relations