"We Create Growth Potential Through Climate Protection. For Companies."

As the leading business solution provider in climate protection, we work with clients in the battle against global warming.

It is important to get strategies and technologies rolling expediently and efficiently. That’s why we integrate carbon management into the value creation chain at companies – and always do so in-line with their sustainability strategy. “We Create Value for Business by Fighting Global Warming”: That is the driving force behind our work for clients, partners, and society at large.

Our method: Climate protection yields growth potential for companies, becoming a part of how they operate, deliver services, create products, and transport and sell goods. Our vast experience in climate protection has shown that growth potential is realized by:

  • Tapping new business fields and customer groups
    Companies expand their portfolio to include climate neutral products and services.
    This holds true for climate-conscious consumers and business customers alike, for large companies are already at work optimizing supply chains based on carbon criteria. That provides competitive advantages: One of our print shop customers secured a large order for school notebooks based on that company’s ability to offer them climate neutral, contrary to the competition.
  • Capacitating clients to advance climate protection directly
    With climate neutral products, companies not only create added value for their customers,
    they also provide them an opportunity to become active in climate protection themselves. For example, Bavaria Studios & Production Services provides companies like Odeon Film with an opportunity to offset the carbon emissions they generate in their film and television productions.
  • License to operate: More transparency for customers, partners, and investors
    Climate protection is increasingly becoming a decisive “license to operate” factor for company interest groups.
    The business partners, customers, venture capitalists, and consumers of today all want to know exactly how much carbon a company emits. With accelerating frequency, climate protection is becoming a criterion when selecting a company as a cooperation partner, provider, supplier, service agent, or system.
  • Pioneer status through climate protection
    With their voluntary contribution to climate protection, our clients frequently assume a pioneering role in their industry.
    Not only do they strengthen their image among employees, customers, and business partners, they also improve their competitive position. To name but one example: Warwick, a leading instrument manufacturer, attends to its customers’ wishes and trends with electric basses and high quality products created in a climate neutral process. The company is moving into a leadership position ahead of the competition in this subject.
  • Reducing carbon emissions, reducing costs
    Companies use their carbon footprint to identify the most significant emissions drivers,
    which means they also uncover great potential for cost savings. For example, after determining their carbon balance, some clients reduce carbon emissions and costs by utilizing exhaust heat from production equipment and implementing more energy efficient production machinery.
  • Recruiting and retaining employees
    An employer’s level of responsibility plays a big role for today’s generation of applicants.
    More than two-thirds of graduates and young employees indicate that their employer’s activities in climate protection are important to them. ClimatePartner makes an important contribution to rising above other companies on the labor market in order to recruit and retain top talent both today and in the future.