Carbon Offset for Airlines

Offset the emissions of flights or your overall company emissions

High quality carbon credits

The awareness for climate protection within the travel industry is clearly growing; airlines have agreed at international level to offset carbon emissions by investing in carbon offset projects.

Selecting carbon offset projects and developing our own exclusive projects  this has been our expertise at ClimatePartner for more than 15 years now. For this, we work together with developers around the world and have thus put together a hand-picked portfolio that meets our ideas of purpose and quality. More than 5,000 corporate customers worldwide already trust our services.

Our know-how and expertise enables us to provide you with carbon credits that cover both all established technologies and many countries – from forest protection or safe drinking water to solar energy. They are certified to the highest international standards. Independent organizations regularly check the exact amount of emissions savings. 

All our projects are always also development projects in the region and contribute to the UN Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs). In the project description we refer to the respective SDGs.

To our projects

Or your own project?

With appropriate quantities, we can also develop your own carbon offset project for you or provide you with an existing project exclusively. 

Integration into your booking software

Our calculation system is ready to be integrated into your specific booking software, allowing for a "carbon neutral" booking option. When chosen, your passengers decide directly at the time of booking whether they want to fly carbon neutrally. They immediately can see the price and available projects.

Full transparency

Through our TÜV-certified system, you and your customers receive the "carbon neutral" certificate and label for every transaction. All carbon compensation is clearly traceable, whether for a single flight or the entire company. 

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Success stories of our customers

lavera Naturkosmetik

All natural cosmetics by lavera are carbon neutral, along with raw materials, packagings, logistics, disposal, and the whole laverana company.

Port International – carbon neutral fruit

Located near the Port of Hamburg, the family-run Port International has been trading in fruit and vegetables for 140 years. The company was one of the first to introduce organic and fair trade bananas
Big companies