Carbon neutral services

Sustainability as an argument

Climate protection for service providers

With voluntary climate action service companies can position themselves with their customers. For agencies or consulting firms, for example, sustainability is becoming increasingly important, and customers are increasingly asking how many carbon emissions they cause through purchased services. 

For service providers, this primarily means determining greenhouse gas emissions and avoiding or reducing them as far as possible. They can offset unabatedemissions by supporting recognised carbon offset projects. 

With our IT solutions, you can easily record and evaluate all emission-relevant data online. If you would like to determine the emissions caused by a service you offer, we define the relevant fields together and support you with the data collection. You also have the option of creating a carbon footprint for your business operations. There, for example, business trips and the vehicle fleet or the energy consumption of your office location are important factors for the carbon balance. Service companies thus have an overview of the carbon values and can quickly see where they can reduce emissions.

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Success stories of our customers

lavera Naturkosmetik

All natural cosmetics by lavera are carbon neutral, along with raw materials, packagings, logistics, disposal, and the whole laverana company.

Port International – carbon neutral fruit

Located near the Port of Hamburg, the family-run Port International has been trading in fruit and vegetables for 140 years. The company was one of the first to introduce organic and fair trade bananas

Compensation through our carbon offset projects

You decide which projects you support for carbon offsetting. We always have various projects available worldwide, from forest protection or wind power to biomass or cooking stoves. So we are sure to find a project that suits you and your customers.

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