Climate neutral website

Small effort, big effect

Climate protection with every click

"If the Internet were a country, it would have the sixth largest electricity consumption in the world," says an energy expert from Greenpeace. Servers and data centers run around the clock, and every click causes carbon emissions.

Since the website is often the first thing that interested parties or customers consciously look at, a climate neutral website allows you to show your attitude to climate protection from the outset and credibly underline your climate protection strategy.

What does this mean in concrete terms and how can it be implemented?

How does your website become climate neutral?

  • You fill out the order form
  • Based on the annual page impressions of your website, we determine the carbon emissions caused.
  • We make sure that the carbon emissions of your website are offset by our carbon offset project in the DR Congo.
  • From this moment on you may use the label "Climate Neutral Website" and link it to the ID-Tracking, where the compensation is traceable.
  • You will also receive a certificate for your commitment 

Yes, I want to make my website climate neutral now!

Information about your website

Pageviews per month
140.00 EUR / 160.00 CHF for 12 months*
165.00 EUR / 190.00 CHF for 12 months*
175.00 EUR / 200.00 CHF for 12 months*
200.00 EUR / 230.00 CHF for 12 months*
220.00 EUR / 250.00 CHF for 12 months*
245.00 EUR / 280.00 CHF for 12 months*
270.00 EUR / 310.00 CHF for 12 months*
325.00 EUR / 370.00 CHF for 12 months*
* All the prices indicated are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Information about your company

Invoice address of your company

Carbon offset project in the DR Congo

For climate neutral websites, we provide our carbon offset project at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo as standard. In this way, we keep the administrative burden low and can offer you the best price for compensation.


    Would you like a glimpse of how our customers communicate their climate neutral website? Then have a look at the internet agency Trafo2, or Dialog Futur.