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Waldschutz Kasigau, Kenia
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Climate Neutral Website

Internet usage generates carbon emissions on a global level. Firstly due to the electricity consumed by servers, then there are the energy requirements for data transmission and user devices. Support carbon offset projects to ensure that carbon emissions are avoided at another location!

Klimaschutzprojekte Waldschutz Kasigau

How can a website be rendered carbon neutral?

  • Register your website with us
  • We’ll use the information you provide to calculate the level of carbon emissions your website generates
  • Carbon emissions are reduced via carbon offset projects, such as renewable energy systems that replace fossil fuel plants
  • We’ll ensure that the carbon emissions from your website are compensated via carbon offset projects
  • You’ll receive our “climate neutral website” icon
  • It can be used to track the entire carbon offset process online, thereby guaranteeing simple communication with your customers
  • You’ll receive a certificate to evidence your commitment to protecting the environment

Yes, I want to render my website climate neutral now!

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Climate neutral website with ClimatePartner: Our services

  • Calculating your website’s carbon emissions
  • Offsetting carbon emissions with certified and internationally recognized carbon offset projects (Gold Standard, etc.)
  • Personal compensation account with information regarding your commitment to climate protection
  • Climate neutral website icon
  • Certificate for your carbon offset