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Our carbon offset projects and their global effects – and the carbon neutral offers of our customers.

ClimatePartner maps for climate protection transparency

Every day, our customers and partners ask us these questions: Which projects can we or our customers support? How exactly does a Carbon offset project work? Which technologies and regions can we promote? How will local people be assisted? How can I make my commitment to Carbon offset projects clear to my customers? 

Transparency is crucial. Each product and every service that we make climate neutral for you is given its own ID number. Using the ClimatePartner ID, everyone can understand how many carbon emissions a product has generated and which carbon offset project has been use to make it carbon neutral.

In order to give even more insight into who is involved in climate protection, we have come up with two maps. Firstly, there's our ClimateMap – where you can see all the customers and partners who offer carbon neutral products or services. And, secondly, there is our map of carbon offset projects – where you will find the location, technology and social criteria of many carbon offset projects. 

Take a look at our ClimatePartner maps. You do not find your own company on the map or you have got any questions about it? Just contact us!