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How to protect the climate in online retail


Climate protection in e-commerce

Online retail continues to grow with more and more goods being sent and the number of returns increasing, and as a result our roads are gridlocked with delivery vehicles. Time to protect the climate! How can the two go hand in hand?

The ClimatePartner solution for sustainable e-commerce enables retailers to assume responsibility for their own emissions: you measure your footprint with our calculator, and we show you where you can avoid and reduce CO2 emissions. You then select a climate protection project to offset your unavoidable emissions. Your online shop becomes climate neutral.

Your package: E-Commerce for Future

  • Your corporate carbon footprint
    You are given access to the carbon calculator for e-commerce companies where you can enter your data and measure the carbon emissions your company causes - from your office activities and website hosting to parcel transport and logistics.
  • Carbon emission reduction
    We help you to use the results of the carbon footprint to reduce your emissions and advise you on which climate protection measures would make sense for you.
  • Offsetting your emissions
    You can select a carbon offset project from our portfolio which appeals to you and suits your company. We then offset your emissions in that project - making you climate neutral. All our projects are certified according to the highest international standards and are regularly inspected by independent organizations.
  • The “climate neutral” label and a certificate
    You receive the ClimatePartner label with your ID number, allowing you and your customers to trace the carbon offset. You can use the label wherever it provides customers with information: in your online shop, in emails, on packaging, on invoices, etc. We confirm your climate neutrality with a certificate.
  • Communicating your climate neutrality
    We support you with an extensive marketing package for climate neutral online retail - from the explanatory text on your website to an email for your customers.
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