Climate protection in the energy sector

Carbon emission compensation for natural gas, heating oil and fuels

Climate protection for energy suppliers and fuel traders

The energy sector is under pressure from the energy revolution: in addition to political requirements, customers are also increasingly asking for climate-friendly solutions. Three issues in particular will determine the future of the energy sector: Energy efficiency, for example, through more efficient boilers, the expansion of renewable energies and the carbon neutrality of conventional energy sources. 

Carbon neutrality means that all unavoidable carbon emissions resulting from combustion are offset by a recognised carbon offset project

Carbon neutrality is an important alternative because a complete switch to renewable energy sources is not yet possible at the current state of the art. This applies to industry, where some energy-intensive industries simply cannot be served by alternative energy sources. But this also applies to end consumers, because not everyone is able to change their oil heating system, for example.

The ClimatePartner solution for energy suppliers and fuel traders

We support you in offering carbon neutral natural gas, heating oil or carbon neutral fuel.

  • Our IT solutions enable you to process carbon neutral orders automatically.
  • Carbon offsetting takes place exactly according to the amount of fuel consumed - from the first kilogram to several million tons.
  • Billing takes place at reasonable intervals, for example monthly. So you have no capital commitment.
  • We also support you in the introduction and marketing of your carbon neutral products with marketing material, sales support and training.

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100 percent transparency and traceability for all customers

  • For each offset, it is possible to see online at the click of a mouse which quantity was offset with which carbon offset project.

  • Your customers can use an ID number to track which carbon emissions they have caused and which carbon offset project they are supporting for the offset. The existing customer number can also optionally be used as such ID number.

  • Each customer automatically receives an individual certificate for his order.

  • On request, we can integrate carbon offsetting into your systems.

  • This ClimatePartner process is certified by TÜV Austria. More than 5,000 companies already use it.

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Carbon neutrality for fossil fuels

Of course, the combustion of heating oil, natural gas, coal, etc. always generates carbon emissions. The amount depends on the fuel. Carbon neutrality means, however, that the effect of these carbon emissions on the global climate is neutralised again - so as a supplier you and your customers ensure that the same amount of CO2 is saved elsewhere. This is exactly the principle of carbon offset projects. These are certified according to strict criteria and regularly checked.

For the climate, it is irrelevant where on earth CO2 is caused or avoided, it is evenly distributed in the atmosphere. 

Compensation through our carbon offset projects

You decide which projects you want to offer your customers for carbon offsetting. We have more than 400 high quality, certified offset projects available in our portfolio, from forest protection or wind power to biomass or cooking stoves. Through our partners, we can also quickly procure many other projects worldwide. So you can find a project that fits your communication strategy.

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