Climate protection for film and media companies

Sustainable and carbon neutral film and media productions

Carbon neutral film and media productions with ClimatePartner

Bavaria Film is the first carbon neutral film studio in the world, and since Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", the topic of climate protection has already arrived on the big screen. Ecologically justifiable productions are also becoming increasingly important behind the scenes. Initiatives such as the "green shooting pass" or climate-neutral TV and cinema films show this, such as the climate-neutral Tatort "Fünf Minuten Himmel" or "Der Landarzt" as the first carbon neutral television series in Europe by Novafilm Fernsehproduktion, a subsidiary of Odeon Film AG.

For the carbon neutral production, we collect key data on the individual production stages (pre-production, production, post-production) together with the production management and determine the carbon emissions caused by electricity and heat, mobility and hotel accommodation for the team, catering and scenery construction. 

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The ClimatePartner CO2 Calculator

Together with Odeon Film and Bavaria Film we have developed a web-based CO2 calculator especially for film productions. With this calculator you can easily create carbon footprints for film productions of all genres and sizes. In addition, carbon emissions can be offset at the click of a mouse by supporting internationally recognized carbon offset projects - your production will be carbon neutral. We are happy to support you with extensive film productions and advise you on carbon management.

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We support film and media professionals in working in a climate-friendly way

What we do for you: 

  • Advice on climate protection strategy: Avoiding emissions from the outset and keeping them as low as possible
  • Calculation of unabated carbon emissions during production 
  • Offsetting your emissions via recognised carbon offset projects of your choice

Compensation through our carbon offset projects

You decide which project you want to use for carbon offsetting. We have more than 400 high quality, certified offset projects available in our portfolio and can also quickly procure many other projects worldwide through our partners.

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