Green Hotels: Climate Neutral Accommodation and Events

More and more guests – corporate customers, event organizers, and private individuals alike – are demanding more environment friendly hotel accommodation.

Thus, making a voluntary contribution to climate protection opens up opportunities for Green Hotels in two senses: On the one hand, they stand out from the competition for customers on personal vacation. On the other hand, they become an important partner for big corporate customers in light of carbon emissions disclosure and green services like climate neutral conventions and accommodation. For they underscore their climate protection strategy.

ClimatePartner Solutions: Hotel

Whether catering to families, conventions, or budget travelers – we support hotels of all kinds in calculating and offsetting their carbon emissions. To do so, we integrate our solution into the hotel software our clients run. With ClimatePartner Solutions: Hotel, climate protection can be carried out in a hotel’s daily operations in a user friendly manner without a great deal of additional expenditure. And with full transparency: Guests obtain documentation for their climate neutral stay that details emissions data on volume and offsetting.

ClimatePartner Solutions: Hotel

comprise three modules we can leverage to support you at any time.

Carbon Management
Vermarktung Klimaschutzaktivitäten


Calculating and Analyzing Carbon Emissions

Carbon balance (carbon footprint), including documentation and individualized certificate
Climate neutral accommodation, web-based IT solution to compensate hotel stays at the push of a button (with certificate service)
Climate neutral events, web-based IT solution for climate neutral conventions& events (with certificate service)

Reducing and Offsetting

Identification of the greatest emissions drivers in order to reduce emissions
Offsetting the hotel’s own carbon emissions means you will become a climate neutral hotel*
Carbon offsetting at the push of a button, compensate the emissions generated from overnights & events
Selection from around 20 carbon offset projects with international standards (including the Gold Standard)

Communication and Marketing

Welcome packet, including marketing materials and logo labels
Registration with the ClimatePartner Hotel Portal, option to present your business on the ClimatePartner client portal
Online carbon calculator for your website, calculator integrated in your website for computing and offsetting the carbon emissions incurred through the arrival and departure of your guests
Climate terminal for the lobby, online solution for presenting the hotel’s own climate protection activities, including calculator for arrival and departure travel

Service fee
Monthly**85 EUR / CHF 105165 EUR / CHF 200
Annually**950 EUR / CHF 1.1501.950 EUR / CHF 2.350

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*Climate neutral hotel (optional) ClimatePartner Hotel – climate neutral

**All prices are exclusive VAT; the costs of the climate neutrality depend on determined amounts of emissions and the carbon offset project.