Carbon Balancing for Paper

There are various labels available for environment friendly paper products. Carbon balancing for paper is increasingly moving into the foreground as a relevant environmental criterion among key buyers.

Indeed, the paper industry is rising up to the occasion: For several years now, the European association CEPI* has been publishing an industry framework to constitute the foundation for carbon calculation in paper products. Today, there are a growing number of paper manufacturers that disclose the carbon data on their paper products.

Carbon balancing for paper products: ClimatePartner Solutions: Paper provides assistance to board and paper manufacturers of all sizes. With the world’s largest database for emissions figures on individual products, we facilitate clear, consistent orientation and comparability for our clients. We offer manufacturers and distributors in the board and paper industry an opportunity to distinguish themselves from the competition through climate neutral paper in a simple, economical manner.

*Framework for the development of carbon footprints for paper and board products

ClimatePartner Solutions: Paper

Mit ClimatePartner Solutions: Paper delivers all services in one package. From carbon balancing to verification of your carbon footprint data and communication with customers, employees, and important market actors.
Carbon Management

Calculating and Analyzing Carbon Emissions

Calculation of the carbon balance on your paper products
Verification of current carbon balance data
Optional: Carbon balance of your company (Corporate Carbon Footprint)

Reducing and Offsetting Carbon Emissions

Emissions offset for climate neutral paper
Selection from more than 20 internationally recognized carbon offset projects, including the Gold Standard
Provision via IT interface
Vermarktung Klimaschutzaktivitäten

Communication and marketing

Uniform overviews of carbon balances
Identification labels for all papers
Provision of marketing and sales package
Inclusion in ClimatePartner’s paper database

Our Service for Paper Manufacturers
The costs per site are based on the number of calculated paper

< 3 paper types

Computation of carbon
balance (one-time):

EUR 3.000/ CHF 3.750
Per paper type

Updating (optional)*:
EUR 1.500/ CHF 1.875
3-5 paper types

Computation of carbon
balance (one-time):

EUR 2.700/ CHF 3.375
Per paper type

Updating (optional)*:
EUR 1.500/ CHF 1.875
> 5 paper types

Computation of carbon
balance (one-time):

EUR 2.500/ CHF 3.125
Per paper type

Updating (optional)*:
EUR 1.500/ CHF 1.875

*ClimatePartner recommends updating carbon balances annually in order to quantify reductions that have been attained as well as climate protection targets.

ClimatePartner supports, among others, the following paper manufacturers and distributors


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