Sustainable Mobility - A Demand of Our Modern Society

People are placing less and less emphasis on possessing their own car. They want personal mobility without owning a vehicle. Flexibility and environment friendliness is the new credo.

Mobility service providers of all kinds are faced with the challenge of rendering their services more environment friendly. You will find more information here.

ClimatePartner supports mobility service providers with individually tailored climate protection services. They enable you to provide your customers with access to sustainable mobility and to distinguish yourself from the competition.

The carbon emissions generated from travel are computed and offset via internationally recognized carbon offset projects. User-friendly, economical, and efficient for customers. Ten percent of Flixbus customers choose to take advantage of the carbon offset for their bus ride. This process is integrated directly into the company’s booking systems, making it an integral component to modern mobility services. Full transparency is provided, for customers receive a certificate to evidence the sustainable mobility.

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