Green office

Climate protection for paper, office supplies and stationery

Carbon neutral stationery

Stationery manufacturers and traders can expand their product range with carbon neutral articles. More and more companies are relying on sustainable suppliers, especially when it comes to "green office". Consumers today are also paying more attention to the ecological footprint they leave behind in their consumption.

ClimatePartner supports stationery manufacturers in climate protection and the development of carbon neutral product lines. With the carbon balance on enterprise level as basis you can plan climatic protection goals and convert measures for the reduction of carbon emissions. For carbon neutral stationery and office supplies, we calculate the complete CO2 pass. In the case of writing instruments, for example, it includes the emissions inevitably caused by raw materials, production, packaging and transport. You can offset these emissions by supporting a carbon offset project.

You can also easily calculate the carbon emissions of products with our IT solutions and offset them through recognised carbon offset projects. This makes stationery manufacturers a competent partner for retailers and corporate customers who value climate protection.

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Transparency and credibility

It is crucial for the consumer to be able to understand carbon neutrality and carbon offsetting. You can achieve this by clearly labelling the product. Our label contains an ID number and a corresponding tracking URL, optionally with QR code. This enables customers to track each individual carbon offset to the last kilogram of CO2: how many emissions were caused by the product, with which project they were saved again, who guarantees the offset. This ClimatePartner system is certified by TÜV Austria.

Credibility as a sustainable company also includes a climate protection strategy aimed at reducing and avoiding CO2 in the long term. Give us a call, we will be happy to advise you!

Compensation through our carbon offset projects

You decide which projects you want to offer your customers for carbon offsetting. We constantly have different projects available worldwide, from forest protection or wind power to biomass or cooking stoves. So we are sure to find a project that fits your communication strategy.

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