Climate protection in paper industry

Climate protection through calculation and carbon offsetting of paper

Climate protection in paper industry

There are various seals for environmentally friendly paper products. The carbon balance of paper is becoming increasingly important as a relevant environmental criterion.

The paper industry is meeting this challenge: For several years now, there has been an industry-specific framework published by the European industry association CEPI (Framework for the Development of Carbon Footprints for Paper and Board Products). This framework provides the basis for the product-related carbon calculation of paper. More and more paper manufacturers are now reporting the CO2 values of their paper products.

ClimatePartner supports cardboard and paper manufacturers of all sizes. With the world's largest database of emission values for individual products, we provide our customers with clear and uniform orientation and comparability. With climate-neutral paper as an extension to our product range, we offer cardboard and paper manufacturers and dealers differentiation potential that is easy to implement and easy to communicate.

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Compensation through our carbon offset projects

You decide which projects you want to offer your customers for carbon offsetting. We have more than 400 high quality, certified offset projects available in our portfolio and can also quickly procure many other projects worldwide through our partners.

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