April 23, 2014

Dinkhauser Kartonagen´s ColomPac parcel packaging now climate neutral

Online retail: ColomPac makes fully climate neutral shipping possible – Packaging frequently causes 50% of the emissions in shipping – Following computation of carbon balance: Emissions offset for total product line of 140 parcel packaging models via carbon offset project in Indonesia

Hall in Tirol/Munich/Regensburg – ColomPac from Dinkhauser Kartonagen now manufactured climate neutral Shipping and online retailers profit from this environment friendly solution, for they can now mail goods entirely climate neutral. The packaging company from Tyrol is supported by ClimatePartner. An equivalent volume of carbon emissions is offset in a hydro power project in Indonesia, the process for which Dinkhauser Kartonagen handles for its clients. Investments in alternative energies reduce future carbon consumption.

Greenhouse gas emissions are generated every time a package is mailed. Depending on the transportation route, up to 50 percent of aggregate emissions are caused by the packaging. “In light of the growth experienced in online retail, it is becoming increasingly important to render shipping and packaging climate friendly,” states Stefan Lerchner, Marketing Director at Dinkhauser Kartonagen. “The good news is that companies and online retailers can now send orders out in an entirely environment friendly manner using climate neutral ColomPacs.” Parcel packaging made from solid and corrugated board like ColomPac already have excellent environmental properties. What has been missing thus far has been a solution for climate neutral parcel packaging made from corrugated board. Stefan Lerchner: “The ColomPac product line is now closing that gap with more than 140 climate neutral parcel packaging models.”

In addition to the rise in demand, the requirements that need to be met by parcel packaging are also becoming more and more complex. Many online retailers have recognized the marketing potential in parcel packaging and are using it as an advertising platform. In order for climate protection to become a component of the company’s corporate message, in the future all ColomPac articles will carry the “climate neutral” logo and an ID number that can be used to access information on the Internet regarding both carbon volume and the carbon offset project in Indonesia. “Climate neutral parcel packaging is the new calling card among online retailers when it comes to sustainability,” underscores Moritz Lehmkuhl, CEO of ClimatePartner. The Tyrolean family company is also offering climate neutral production for all of the other products they manufacture. ”Especially brand manufacturers value a clear position and are concretely thinking about converting the production of sales packaging and POS displays in our company climate neutral.”, adds Lerchner.

With the ColomPac product brand, Dinkhauser Kartonagen delivers an entire product line featuring more than 140 shipping packaging models. Today, ColomPac is Europe’s leading brand for parcel packaging with self-adhesive seal and tear-and-open strip. ColomPac is distributed and serviced throughout all levels of European packaging retail, as well as by many leading European postal service providers and office suppliers.

In the first step toward climate neutral production, ClimatePartner computed the product carbon footprint for ColomPac. This accounts for all emissions generated while producing the shipping packaging, including materials like corrugated board and solid board, material transport, electricity, and auxiliary materials like adhesive and corn starch. Added to this proportionately are the carbon emissions related to the company, such as those yielded from Dinkhauser Kartonagen employee commutes and external service providers. Using the carbon footprint, the emissions from production are offset in the same volume as incurred by promoting a hydro power project in Indonesia’s Renun region, which is proven to save emissions.

Dinkhauser Kartonagen’s goal is to optimize the company’s carbon footprint even further. Regular investments in all divisions have already made the facility in Hall into one of the most modern packaging companies in Europe. One recent example to that end is the photovoltaic plant completed in 2014, which has an output of 250,000 kwh, supplies the power for some 50 single family homes, and saves ca. 100 tons of CO2 annually.

Further information regarding the hydro power project in Indonesia available here.

Carbon offset projects are proven to save on carbon emissions, are certified with internationally recognized standards, and are audited on a regular basis.

Today, ColomPac® is Europe’s leading brand for parcel packaging with self-adhesive seal and tear-and-open strip. ColomPac® stands for high quality, innovative sustainable solutions, and superior reliability. The company is able to pass the expertise gleaned while acquiring its position over the past 15 years on to its customers.

About Dinkhauser Kartonagen
Dinkhauser Kartonagen GmbH is an owner-managed family company headquarted in Hall, Tyrol in Austria. It was founded in 1848. There is an additional packaging center specializing in display development and ColomPac parcel packaging in Barbing, near Regensburg, Germany. The company’s products range from transport & shipping board and sales & presentation packaging to shelf trays and displays. Many of the product lines operate as their own brands. The array of materials implemented covers all standard types of board and paper, flexo-printed and offset-laminated corrugation profiles, single- and double-wall.

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