November 25, 2013

Model AG Expanding its Climate Protection Activities with ClimatePartner

Industry pioneer: Carbon footprint calculated and identified for corrugated packaging – Efficient carbon footprint computation for specific orders using web-based calculator – Emissions can be offset upon customer request to yield climate neutral packaging solutions

Weinfelden/Munich – The Swiss company Model AG, one of Europe’s leading packaging manufacturers, is expanding its climate protection activities. In collaboration with the climate protection consultancy ClimatePartner, a web-based carbon footprint calculator has been developed to display the greenhouse gas emissions for specific corrugated packaging batches, and then present the result in transparent manner.

Model AG’s customers will be the ones to profit in particular: “Transparent identification of the carbon footprint represents a great supplement to our product line of packaging solutions, which are both innovative and efficiently manufactured,” states Edoardo Finotti, Head of Model ICC. The Group produced 642 million m2 of corrugated packaging in 2012 for such markets as Switzerland, southern Germany, and Austria.

When it comes to optimizing a supply chain, greenhouse gas emissions are increasingly becoming one of the decisive criteria for retailers and brand companies when they make their supplier selections. “By identifying carbon footprints, Model AG is creating clear added value for its buyers and setting itself apart from the competition,” explains Moritz Lehmkuhl, ClimatePartner CEO.

The processes use a web-based calculator based on a dynamic model that accounts for all factors relevant to a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). “We place a great deal of emphasis on the efficient processing customer orders. With the carbon calculator, identifying the product emissions from a specific order is now a component to our business processes,” underscores Edoardo Finotti. Moreover, the carbon calculator can be integrated into the SAP systems the company is already running.

The foundation for these new climate protection activities consists of the carbon footprint for the Model Group’s head offices in Weinfelden – where the divisions of Paper, Paperboard, and Corrugated Board are located -, which accounts for the greenhouse gas emissions generated from all business operation. This also includes the emissions yielded from the corporation’s own supply chain, such as raw material purchases and deliver via semi truck. “At Model, economy and ecology work hand-in-hand,” packaging specialist Finotti highlighted. The plant has extremely short transport routes, Thurpapier processes exclusively recycling paper, energy for power is largely sourced from a waste incinerator, and biogas is used for heating. “Our objective is to reduce our products’ carbon emissions as much as possible, and then to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions with investments in recognized emission reduction projects.”

Emissions offsetting makes it possible for Model to offer climate neutral packaging. “This addition is ideal. Corrugated cardboard is already a resource-conserving product in itself. In light of the multiple usage of paper fibers, the raw material can be reused six to seven times,” Edoardo Finotti continues. “Carbon emissions are now offset at the push of a button directly in the carbon calculator, such that employees have hardly any additional expenditure at all,” explains Moritz Lehmkuhl.

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