May 12, 2014

New service: SAXOPRINT offers climate neutral printing with ClimatePartner

CEWE subsidiary offering new service in six European countries – Environmental commitment: companies improve their carbon footprints

Dresden/Munich – SAXOPRINT is expanding its array of services: customers of the international online print shop can now have their printed materials produced climate neutrally. This new service is being provided in conjunction with ClimatePartner and will be available in SAXOPRINT online shops in six countries, including Germany, the UK and France.

For some time now, climate neutral printed materials have been an important way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. “Companies can play a visible part in protecting the environment and can reduce their own carbon footprint by having their brochures, flyers and advertising materials printed climate neutrally,” says Daniel Ackermann, managing director of SAXOPRINT. “SAXOPRINT is helping its corporate customers to realise their climate protection strategies,” emphasises Moritz Lehmkuhl, managing director of ClimatePartner, a leading international business solution provider for climate protection.

SAXOPRINT was founded as a local printing company in 1999 and is now one of Europe’s most successful online print shops. Since January 2012, the company has belonged to CEWE, Europe’s leading photo service provider, which is active in 24 countries.

Daniel Ackermann continues: “We offer this option during the ordering process, so it doesn’t entail a great deal of extra effort for our customers.” The company’s customers include major enterprises, SMEs and non-business customers, and also resellers such as advertising agencies and graphic designers. On the calculation page for each product, the customer can select carbon-neutral printing with carbon offsetting, to balance out the emissions caused during production. On average, the added expense incurred by the customer is up to a mere two per cent of the original order price.

These funds are used to support internationally renowned climate protection projects, including a forest conservation project in Sofala, Mozambique, a hydroelectricity project in Tainan County, Taiwan, and another forest conservation project in the Kasigau wildlife corridor, Kenya.

In addition, the online print shop is already reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in many other areas. “We take responsibility for the environment, the climate and resources. This is an integral part of our philosophy,” explains Ackermann. There is, for example, the collective printing process, which makes paper consumption more efficient and reduces the company’s greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to conventional printing methods.

ID numbers: complete climate protection transparency
On buying a climate neutral print product, SAXOPRINT customers are presented with a certificate. In addition, a label can be incorporated into the print media containing a job-specific and therefore unique ID number which can be entered at to receive more information. Business partners, customers and employees can use this ID number to find out the exact volume of greenhouse gases generated during the production of the printed materials and to learn about the climate protection projects used to offset these emissions.

More information on the climate protection projects:

Forest conservation project in Sofala, Mozambique.

Hydroelectricity project in Tainan County, Taiwan

Forest conservation in the Kasigau wildlife corridor, Kenya.

The climate protection projects demonstrably reduce carbon emissions, are certified according to internationally recognised standards and are audited on a regular basis.

SAXOPRINT GmbH is an international printing service provider with a modern offset printing facility in Dresden, Germany. As a market leader, it successfully operates multiple online printing portals with more than 400 employees and an extensive portfolio of services. Since January 2012, SAXOPRINT GmbH has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the listed company CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA, Europe’s leading online printing and photo service provider.

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