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Our goal is to embed sustainable climate protection into corporate activity. Effectiveness, transparency and credibility are key. We will work with you to design solutions that are suitable for you as a company. It's up to you whether you adopt the entire range of measures – from long-term climate protection strategy to offsetting of your total emissions – or simply select individual building blocks, such as carbon balance auditing or consultancy around CDP participation.

5 steps for fighting global warming

CCF - Corporate Carbon Footprint

Corporate carbon footprint is the carbon balance of your company.

PCF - Product Carbon Footprint

The product carbon footprint is the carbon balance of your product(s) or services(s).

Carbon emission reduction

We advise you on creating a meaningful climate protection strategy for your company.

Carbon offset

Creating climate-neutral products and services


We can help you communicate your commitment to climate protection.

More ways we can support you

IT integration

With the right IT support, we can make your contribution to climate protection easy and hassle-free.

Supply chain solution

Do you purchase certain products or product categories from several suppliers? Our solution enables you to purchase them in a uniform, climate-neutral manner.

Science-based targets

Science-based targets for CO2 reduction goals