High Quality Carbon Credits - Professional Carbon Offset Services

ClimatePartner Offset Services make it possible to manage all compensation orders effortlessly and efficiently in one online platform.

Compensation takes place through carbon credits issued by carbon offset projects that have been proven to save carbon emissions.

  • Specifically Tailored Emissions Offset

    You compensate the exact volume of carbon emissions generated by your products, services, and business activities. With maximum flexibility in timing and transactions – carbon offsetting becomes an integral component in your business processes. With carbon credits by ClimatePartner
    • Comprehensive Project Portfolio

      More than 20 internationally recognized carbon offset projects are available for your choosing. You select the project that best matches your company from an assorted selection of standards and technologies.More…
      • Simple, Efficient Order Management

        Our online platform facilitates effortless, efficient management of all of your company’s compensation activities as well as those of your customers. The entire carbon offset project portfolio will be at your disposal for every single order. All processes are certified by the technical inspection authority TÜV Austria.More…
        • Transparency for Customers, Business Partners, and Investors

          Transparency is critical to success in voluntary climate protection. Customers and business partners need a straightforward way to recognize whether the product or service they are obtaining is climate neutral. That is why transparency is an integral component to ClimatePartner Offset Services and automatically part of every offset order.More…
        Upon request, we also work with clients to develop separate projects to align the targets laid out in a sustainability strategy with specific climate protection requirements.