Offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Carbon Offset Projects - Selected by ClimatePartner

Carbon offset projects prevent greenhouse gas emissions by, to name just one example, erecting a wind power plant to replace coal-fired power. We work exclusively with projects proven to deliver emissions savings and certified under internationally recognized standards (Gold Standard, etc.).

Those emissions savings are tradable as reduction certificates. To generate the certificates, carbon offset projects must meet certain criteria and yield long-term savings in greenhouse gas emissions in-line with certain specifications, such as the Gold Standard. They are audited on a regular basis. Greenhouse gases disperse throughout the atmosphere evenly, which means the greenhouse effect triggered by these gases is a global phenomenon. Thus, the locations on earth where emissions are generated or saved are irrelevant under the principle of climate neutrality. Rather, it’s much more important that the concentration of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere be reduced globally.

The market mechanism for emissions trading originates in the Kyoto Protocol and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) it defines. For countries with emerging and developing economies, emissions trade is an important driver for the transfer of clean technologies and sustainable economic development. ClimatePartner has access to some 100 carbon offset projects worldwide. They meet the highest standards and implement an array of technologies. The following is a small selection of examples out of our portfolio:

Klimaschutzprojekte Waldschutz Kasigau
Forest Conservation: Kasigau Wildlife Corridor, Kenya
This VCS-verified forest protection project protects existing dry forest and savanna, covering an area of ca. 170,000 ha. It impedes deforestation and slash & burn activities, thereby securing the binding of carbon emissions. More …
Klimaschutzprojekte Biomasse Bandeira e Capelli
Biomass: Bandeira e Capelli, Brazil
The ceramic factories Bandeira and Capelli utilize biomass to heat their ovens. The use of items like coconut shells instead of fossil fuels and wood from local forests preserves the unique ecosystem along with its biodiversity. More …
Klimaschutzprojekte Wasserkraft Hamzali
Hydro Power: Hamzali, Turkey
This hydro power project has been certified under the Gold Standard and saves some 70,000 tons of carbon emissions annually. Simultaneously, an irrigation system is being built to enable agricultural utilization of areas that remained uncultivated thus far. More …