ClimatePartner Solutions - Climate Protection for Companies in One Package

ClimatePartner Solutions are designed to match the demands inherent to a specific sector. Companies use them to calculate, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions as well as to communicate their climate protection activities. Solutions packages encompass all of ClimatePartner’s industry expertise and are ready for immediate implementation.

ClimatePartner Solutions enable companies to become active in climate protection immediately.

Calculating and Analyzing Carbon Emissions
Systematic computation of carbon balance (Corporate Carbon Footprint) of the company
Web-based Carbon Calculator for your products and services
IT interface for integration in your company’s software
Reducing and Offsetting Carbon Emissions
Identification of the largest emissions drivers in order to prevent carbon emissions
Emissions offset at the push of a button, certified by the technical inspection authority TÜV Austria
Selection from among some 20 carbon offset projects meeting internationally recognized standards (Gold Standard, etc.) and various technologies all over the world
Communication and Marketing
Unique ID number and QR code for each carbon offset
Production and delivery of compensation certificates
Marketing and sales documents provided
Tailored Inhouse-Trainings and participation in the ClimatePartner Academy

ClimatePartner Solutions: Climate Protection at the Push of a Button

ClimatePartner Solutions provide our clients with the company’s Carbon Balance , enabling them to identify the most important areas with potential to prevent carbon emissions. Building upon that information, we create a web-based Carbon Calculator for products and services. Unavoidable emissions can be offset at the push of a button through internationally recognized Carbon Offset Projects: online, all in one tool. The ClimatePartner identification system implements a unique ID number and label to facilitate transparent communication with customers, investors, business partners, and employees. Moreover, ClimatePartner provides support in marketing climate protection activities.