Carbon Footprint: Carbon Balance for Companies, Products, and Services

ClimatePartner Solutions provide our clients with carbon balance for their company. Based on the carbon footprint, we create a specifically tailored web-based Carbon Calculator clients can independently use to compute the carbon balance for products and services.

ClimatePartner carbon balances show volume not only for carbon, but also for the five additional greenhouse gases regulated under the Kyoto Protocol (methane, laughing gas, HFCs, FCs, and SF6)*. The latter are converted into “carbon equivalents” according to their greenhouse gas potential.
corporate carbon footprint
Corporate Carbon Footprint
The first step is to compute a comprehensive carbon balance for your company. In addition to Scope 1 and 2 emissions, we also calculate the emissions covered under Scope 3. More …
product carbon footprint
Product Carbon Footprint
Based on that data, we develop a web-based Carbon Calculator for our clients, which they can independently use to compute and evidence the carbon emissions generated by their products and services. More …

*The greenhouse gas NF3 is not presently included in balance calculation because it is not covered by the current emissions factors available. Should future emissions factors include NF3, then this gas will also be integrated into the calculation.