Carbon Calculator: Climate Protection at the Push of a Button

ClimatePartner provides clients with a Carbon Calculator for analyzing their products and services. The carbon emissions can then be offset at the push of a button via certified carbon offset projects. All in one tool.

The Carbon Calculator can be integrated into the company’s current software or run online. It has the following features:

Our Carbon Calculator is based on one of the most comprehensive carbon calculation databases available. It is updated and expanded in an ongoing process.

The Carbon Calculator computes the carbon emissions pertinent to a specific order and automatically accounts for changes in the value creation chain. The calculation of the carbon footprint also includes Scope 3 emissions, examples of which include those generated by staff traveling to work and emissions from suppliers.

Covering the entire spectrum from measuring emissions to offsetting them, Footprint Manager is the only solution you’ll need for efficient carbon management.

The tracking system integrated in a user-friendly manner. Climate neutral products and services can be automatically labeled with an ID number providing all of the figures regarding carbon emissions and their offset. Thus, companies can provide their customers with an auditable offset for carbon emissions.

Footprint Manager and all of its functions have been certified by the technical inspection authority TÜV Austria, and continue to be audited on a regular basis.