Carbon Reduction & Climate Neutral

Computing the carbon balance for a company, products, or services makes it possible to identify the biggest emissions drivers and determine actions for carbon reduction. Unavoidable emissions can be offset to become climate neutral.

With ClimatePartner Solutions, calculating and offsetting emissions occurs via an individualized Carbon Calculator we develop for clients.

Carbon emissions can be offset for the company as a whole, for specific company divisions, and even for individual services and products. Options span from low volumes to developing an entirely separate carbon offset project. The result: climate neutral companies, products, and services. Climate neutral means that all greenhouse gas volumes have been computed and offset through emissions certificates. A unique ID number is assigned for each compensation order, thereby meeting two important requirements for companies when it comes to climate protection: transparency and credibility

Emissions certificates document the real greenhouse gas savings attained by a carbon offset project. We select only projects fulfilling rigorous, internationally recognized standards, such as the Gold Standard. We also place great emphasis on quality, transparent collaboration with project managers.