Communication & Marketing

ClimatePartner Solutions make it possible to effortlessly communicate your company’s climate protection activities. ClimatePartner has developed a web-based identification system to that end.

How transparency works in climate protection: When carbon emissions are offset by supporting certified carbon offset projects, a unique ID number is automatically generated for the specific order. Entering the ID number at will reveal all of the relevant information pertaining to the climate protection activities; such as the volume of emissions generated from making a product, or the volume of carbon emissions incurred at an event. Moreover, documentation is provided regarding the offset project used for compensating the emissions. All of this information is easy to retrieve online or via QR code. Transparency in climate protection is a fixed component in ClimatePartner’s business.

Labels are specifically tailored to the respective industry and identify a product as climate neutral. For example, a motor pool can be equipped with stickers featuring an ID number. Moreover, the ID number can be integrated on a website and, to name but one example, used to communicate green events. ClimatePartner Solutions deliver the support you need in communicating climate protection activities.

Creating transparency and communicating your climate protection activities:

Transparent Product Labels
Climate neutral products and services are subject to special requirements with respect to credibility and transparency. Customers and consumers alike need an uncomplicated opportunity to distinguish whether the product or service they are obtaining is climate neutral. Product labels carrying a unique ID provide information on which part of a product is climate neutral. Consumers can use the ID number or a QR code to see the product’s carbon statistics and access information about the carbon offset project utilized to compensate the emissions.

Marketing Your Climate Protection Activities:
ClimatePartner utilizes ClimatePartner Solutions to deliver assistance in marketing your climate protection activities: With image material and text modules for your website, offer templates for climate neutral products, informational brochures for potential customers, and specifically tailored communication consulting. We also offer training and workshops. We can hold one at your site, or you can participate in our ClimatePartner Academy.