Carbon Footprint for Companies, Products, and Services

Carbon footprint calculation constitutes the foundation for climate protection among companies. ClimatePartner has carbon footprinting experience from more than 1,000 customer projects in practically every sector.

We will provide you with support in computing your Corporate Carbon Footprint and developing dynamic models to calculate Product Carbon Footprints (PCS) pertaining to your company’s individual products or services. You can use ClimatePartner carbon balances for compliance, audits, and external verifications.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Product Carbon Footprint

To determine a company’s carbon balance and carbon footprint all relevant greenhouse gas emissions are calculated and evidenced for the pertinent time frame. In addition to direct emissions (“Scope 1″) and emissions from energy consumption (“Scope 2″), Climate Partner also integrates further indirect emissions (“Scope 3″) into the calculation. The latter include all miscellaneous indirect carbon emissions from additionally purchased raw materials and services, as well as from business travel and the activities of suppliers and customers. This makes it possible for our clients to identify the largest emissions drivers for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, which in return translates into cost reductions.

Balancing the carbon footprint for companies is carried out in accordance with international standards, such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. It constitutes the foundation for ISO Norm 14064-1 and further branch standards. When circumstances in a given project to not pair with those laid out in norms, we perform pioneering work to mutually develop solutions that will set standards for entire sectors.