Going carbon neutral

Greenhouse gases disperse throughout the atmosphere evenly. Thus, the locations on Earth where emissions are generated or saved are irrelevant. It’s much more important that the concentration of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere be reduced on a global scale. After avoiding and reducing carbon emissions, unavoidable greenhouse gases can be compensated via certified carbon offset projects.

Companies, products, and services are carbon neutral (or climate neutral) when their greenhouse gases are calculated, reduced, and offset via carbon credits. ClimatePartner will provide you with support in offsetting unavoidable emissions via carbon offset projects. Carbon offset projects save greenhouse gas emissions by, to name but a few examples, erecting a wind power plant to replace coal-fired power; or by performing sustainable reforestation.

The mechanism of carbon neutral has its origins in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) spelled out in the Kyoto Protocol. Carbon offsetting takes place via tradeable carbon credits. This results in carbon neutral companies, products, and services.

ClimatePartner offers high quality carbon credits via Footprint Manager – an online platform certified by the technical inspection authority TÜV Austria. All projects meet international standards and are certified by independent organizations on a regular basis. We make image material and background information available to our customers for each carbon offset project.

With the help of an online tracking system (QR code, ClimatePartner ID), ClimatePartner creates maximum transparency – each instance of carbon neutral can be traced online.