Climate Protection Strategy

ClimatePartner supports companies across all branches in developing a climate protection strategy. Our goal is to open up new fields of growth for companies through sustainability.

We pride ourselves in serving as a partner to our customers, which holds true when it comes to strategic direction for climate protection as well. The strategy for climate protection is always tailored to each company’s specific circumstances:

Identification of a vision and definition of targets in climate protection, as well as coupling to corporate strategy

Identification of growth potential and competitive advantages through climate protection and analysis of the competitive field

Organizational anchoring of climate protection in the corporate structure (responsibilities, integration in existing management systems)

Creation of the carbon footprints of the company (Corporate Carbon Footprint) and its products (Product Carbon Footprints)

Development of carbon performance indication figures reduction goals, and monitoring systems

Implementation of a dynamic and IT-based carbon management integrated in company software

Emission Offsetting via certified, high-quality carbon offset projects (e.g. Gold Standard)

Communication and transparency with employees, suppliers, customers, and the public via certificates, labels, and a communication strategy

A profound understanding of the industry and broad competence in methodology make us the perfect partner. Our team of experienced consultants look forward to supporting you in forging your own personalized climate protection strategy.