Communicating Climate Protection Activities

Transparency is critical to the success of climate protection. That also applies when companies voluntarily participate in protecting the environment. From carbon reporting for the most relevant stakeholders to reduction targets laid out in a business report – internal and external communication is the key.

Communication on the subject of climate protection starts at one’s own company:

Internal Communication: Raising Awareness within a Company

For the initial step, it’s important to raise awareness for the subject of climate protection among the company’s staff. Motivated employees are the ones who make it possible to accomplish climate protection objectives and communicate the associated activities externally. ClimatePartner supports companies in internal communication through consulting and specifically tailored workshops & seminars.

External Communication: Transparency for Clients and Partners

Using carbon balance as the basis, your reduction targets can be communicated to customers and partners in order to highlight successes and market climate neutral products and services. ClimatePartner provides companies with assistance in external communication with all relevant stakeholders via marketing kits and personal consulting.

Climate Neutrality and Communication: ClimatePartner ID Tracking

Climate neutral products and services are subject to special requirements with respect to credibility and transparency. Customers and consumers need an uncomplicated way to recognize whether the product or service they are obtaining is climate neutral. To that end, ClimatePartner has developed an online ID tracking tool for emissions offsetting. Product labels featuring a unique ID number provide information on a product’s climate neutrality.

Consumers and business partners can attain information on the product’s volume of carbon emissions via ID number or QR code. Moreover, they can access information about the carbon offset project being utilized to compensate the emissions.