Sustainable Procurement Pays off

Large brand companies and distributors are moving forward and expanding their climate protection objectives. A sustainable supply chain ensures the entire value creation process will be ready for the future. In addition to transparency, carbon optimization especially translates into cost advantages.

ClimatePartner provides support in sustainable procurement for suppliers and buyers alike.

  • Suppliers as a Component to the Supply Chain:

    We help suppliers with obtaining transparency for the carbon emissions of their products and services. We provide them with support in improving ratings and positioning themselves in the competition for large buyers, e.g. within the scope of a Supply Chain Information Request as spelled out by the Carbon Disclosure Projects (CDP).

  • Buyers Looking to Optimize their Supply Chain

    The employees at ClimatePartner consult companies of every size in carbon optimization of their supply chains, e.g. with a systematic query of their suppliers.

    Further information on the subject of “sustainable supply chains” is available on the Carbon Disclosure Projects (CDP) Internet site. As an official CDP consulting partner, ClimatePartner orientates its supply chain analyses toward, among other things, the CDP’s Supply Chain Information Request.