Taking climate action within your supply chain

Purchase products in a uniform and carbon neutral manner 

The ClimatePartner supply chain solution for carbon neutral procurement

We have developed carbon neutral solutions for procurement across your supply chain. This is especially relevant if you have several suppliers you source from. Our solution enables you to purchase all of your products in a consistent, carbon neutral manner - all according to recognised calculation standards, with uniform traceability across all individual products and SKUs. 

This is suitable for...
Manufacturers, traders and processors of consumer goods as well as those in retail. 

Example supply chains include...
Procurement of packaging, printing supplies, advertising material, office supplies, etc. 

Our services

  • You define the product category - for example, packaging, printing supplies, or advertising material.
  • We determine the carbon emissions of the products with your current suppliers and compensate for the emissions they have emitted. We are happy to audit any internal carbon calculations they've already measured. 
  • We estimate the cost of carbon neutrality across your purchases.
  • During this process, we lead the communication with your suppliers. 
  • We support your suppliers if they've not undertaken carbon footprinting before or have data gaps. 

If you have any questions about this particular service, drop us a message!