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Bergzeit supplies gear for mountaineering enthusiasts. All of the company’s employees know first-hand how the gear is used, for they themselves spend their recreational time in the mountains. Naturally, they have an interest in conserving nature and, by extension, in climate protection. That is why this year’s summer handbook is printed with carbon neutrality, just like the two editions preceding it.

Mohn Media prints the Bergzeit catalogs. The production process uses power-heat coupling to save 52 percent of carbon emissions compared to conventional energy consumption in Germany. Bergzeit then offsets unabated CO2 generated by the catalogs. To do so, they support a combination consisting of a mountain forest project in Oberallgäu and a forest conservation project in Papua New Guinea. In April Salumei, Papua New Guinea, the indigenous population is protecting their primary rainforest, thereby preserving important CO2 storage and their foundation for subsistence. The mountain forest project in Oberallgäu maintains the local forest, thereby preserving its natural protective functions like water filtration, storage, and erosion protection.

„We at Bergzeit have a real sense of connection with our local mountains. That is why we’d like to support a carbon offset project that also has a local impact – like the mountain forest project in Allgäu.“

Sarah Lenz

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