Climate neutrality as a standard

Ink and copy paper house brands at KABUCO

KAUT-BULLINGER – ink and copy paper

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KAUT-BULLINGER, one of Germany’s largest specialists for office supplies, is betting its chips on sustainable products: Ink and copy paper under the KABUCO house brand are completely climate neutral. The inks are fundamentally made from recycled and professionally prepared empty cartridges, making them resource-saving to a much higher degree than comparable brand products. KAUT-BULLINGER offsets the remaining unavoidable carbon emissions using our Kasigau Wildlife carbon offset project. There are already more than 2,000 customers using climate neutral KABUCO inks.

KABUCO’s “Business” and “Excellence” copy paper models are also produced in an environment friendly manner, meet the environmental standards EU-wide, and feature eco labels like PEFC for sustainable forestry and the EU Ecolabel. These paper types are also climate neutral. KAUT-BULLINGER furthermore offsets all carbon emissions generated during production via a recognized carbon offset project: our forest conservation project in Pará, Brazil.

„For customers who look for environment and climate protection when purchasing office materials, our house brands offer a further option for procuring office materials in a sustainable and environment friendly manner.“

Bernhard Greinsberger, Managing Director, KAUT-BULLINGER Office + Solution GmbH

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