Carbon neutral packaging by Klingele

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Klingele – carbon neutral packaging

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Nearly 100 years of family-run business: sustainability is an essential principle of Klingele's long-term entrepreneurial activities. Waste paper is used to manufacture the corrugated packaging. Klingele also avoids wasting material: wherever possible and without sacrificing quality, a lighter grammage is used – or a more favourable wave profile, e.g. the specially developed "D wave". 

Moreover, avoiding CO2 emissions takes priority for Klingele. That is why the manufacturer regularly analyses its carbon footprint along its entire process chain – from the extraction of the raw materials right through to delivery. Klingele reduces its emissions where possible. Customers can use a web-based CO2 calculator to find out the amount of greenhouse gas emitted for each order and, at the same time, the additional costs of the – optional – offset. This calculation is stored in the SAP system at Klingele.

"For climate neutral orders, our customer consultants only put a tick in the SAP system. The rest is done automatically for us by ClimatePartner. It could barely be any simpler."

Stephan Meier, Head of Sales Wellpappenwerk Hilpoltstein, Klingele Papierwerke GmbH & Co. KG

Success stories of our customers

Port International – carbon neutral fruit

Located near the Port of Hamburg, the family-run Port International has been trading in fruit and vegetables for 140 years. The company was one of the first to introduce organic and fair trade bananas

Climate neutral accommodation and events – SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA

The hotel hosts events of all kinds and the corresponding overnight accommodation climate neutrally. Individual guests also have the option of offsetting the emissions generated by their stay.

Selecta – carbon neutral coffee cups

Selecta is well known for its beverage and snack machines. Now they offer coffee-to-go in climate neutral cups.

Bionatic – carbon neutral packaging

Bionatic was founded to provide a solution to the problem of petrol-based plastics.

Ticketino – climate neutral participation

With TICKETINO, organisers have the chance to contribute towards climate protection.

Hartmann – carbon neutral egg packaging

Climate neutral packaging is part of Hartmann’s comprehensive sustainability strategy.

lavera Naturkosmetik

All natural cosmetics by lavera are climate neutral, along with raw materials, packagings, logistics, disposal, and the whole laverana company.

CEWE photobooks climate neutral

Every CEWE photobook and all CEWE brand products are climate neutral. That also includes CEWE CALENDARS, CEWE CARDS, and CEWE WALL PICTURES. CEWE offsets all unavoidable carbon emissions from production.

Wander brand products packaged climate neutrally

The Swiss company Wander AG is known for brands like Ovomaltine, Caotina, and Jemalt. These products are packaged climate neutrally.