Climate neutral printing systems by Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta - Enabling Carbon Neutrality

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With its climate neutral printing service, Konica Minolta offers its European customers a comprehensive climate protection solution that combines CO2 reduction and offsetting in a single programme, called Enabling Carbon Neutrality. Climate neutral printing can be applied across the entire printing spectrum, from small multifunction set-ups to large manufacturing systems. 

The company's European HQ at Langenhagen near Hannover in Germany, from where the European programme is managed, has now gone one step further and become climate neutral. All emissions, from energy consumption to staff commuting to business travel, are now offset thanks to Konica Minolta’s support of various wind farm and water filtration projects in China, Morocco and Kenya. 

"It is our shared responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and help slow global warming. At Konica Minolta, environmental protection is a central aspect of our corporate philosophy. It is embedded in our Ecovision 2050 project by way of specific targets. With our Enabling Carbon Neutrality programme, we are offering our customers the option of making their own contribution to climate protection. As a climate neutral European HQ, we are delighted to be leading by example."

Olaf Lorenz, General Manager International Marketing Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe

Success stories of our customers – climate neutral printing

viaprinto stands also for climate protection. Every customer has the possibility to order his print product climate neutral.

Schneider Schreibgeräte – climate neutral pens

Schneider consistently focuses on sustainability and climate protection. Many products have been produced in a CO2-neutral way since 2014.

KAUT-BULLINGER – ink and copy paper

KAUT-BULLINGER is betting its chips on sustainable products: Ink and copy paper under the KABUCO house brand are completely climate neutral.

CEWE photobooks climate neutral

Every CEWE photobook and all CEWE brand products are climate neutral. That also includes CEWE CALENDARS, CEWE CARDS, and CEWE WALL PICTURES. CEWE offsets all unavoidable carbon emissions from production.

Bergzeit's catalog

Bergzeit supplies gear for mountaineering enthusiasts. Their catalogs are printed with climate neutrality by Mohn Media.