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Marshmallow – carbon neutral driving

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Marshmallow is a disruptive car insurance company taking a consumer focused mobile-forward approach. Understanding the relationship they have with their customers and the information they can garner about their driving habits Marshmallow identified that more good can be done in addition to making their customers feel safe in the knowledge accidents can happen.

Working with ClimatePartner, they estimated the tailpipe emissions of the cars they insure so that they can mitigate the damage caused by the first 500 miles of their driving every year by supporting three offset projects around the world including clean power generation through wind energy in Tuppadahalli, India, clean cookstoves in Gatare, Rwanda and forest protection in the Amazon.

In time they plan to produce a calculator to enable their customers to compensate for the rest of their annual tailpipe emissions.

"As the effects of climate change intensify by the day, we know insurers like us can influence real change in the fight against it. ClimatePartner has helped facilitate our first step towards helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint."

Oliver Kent-Braham, Co-Founder/Co-CEO, Marshmallow

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