Carbon offset is especially important when using fossil fuels: MONTANA

MONTANA – carbon neutral heating oil and diesel fuel

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Since 2009, energy provider MONTANA, based in Grünwald near Munich, has been offering its customers carbon neutral heating with fossil fuels such as heating oil and natural gas. All the CO2 emissions that are produced when the M·ecotec Klima heating oil or MONTANA climate neutral natural gas is incinerated are offset. MONTANA pays the associated surcharge and so supports certified Carbon Offset Projects, thus compensating for the greenhouse gases emitted.

Customers can easily understand their carbon footprint: they simply enter their customer number on the MONTANA website and then receive information about the amount of CO2 they are generating and with which Carbon Offset Project they are compensating for these emissions. 

MONTANA feels that it is not only the customer that is responsible, but also for the company itself: in collaboration with ClimatePartner, it has recorded all the emissions that arise during the company's operations, has reduced them as far as possible and finally made the carbon footprint carbon neutral by supporting an internationally recognised Carbon Offset Project.

"No matter how economical a heating system might be, it's almost impossible not to emit CO2. Carbon neutral heating oil or natural gas is, therefore, a good addition to our product portfolio for environmentally conscious customers who heat completely or in part with fossil fuels."

Stefan Koburger, Managing Director, MONTANA

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