Carbon neutral lifestyle in a VW van with Roadsurfer

Roadsurfer – carbon neutral driving

Industry page:
Service providers rents customized camping vans - lifestyle included. Also included: Carbon offsetting for unlimited kilometers! Roadsurfer offsets all carbon emissions created by their vehicles’ diesel fuel. This applies for its entire fleet, currently encompassing 210 VW vans. That means camper van renters can drive climate neutrally, irrespective of the location and duration of their trips. To make this possible, Roadsurfer supports our carbon offset project in Pará, Brazil.


"As is known, to travel is to learn. And, above all else, it’s fun! Yet when it comes the burden placed on the environment, a bitter aftertaste remains with long-distance travel via airplane, diesel automobile, or cruise ship. That is why we’d like to give the people who rent our VW campers the opportunity to travel with a clean conscience. We offset the carbon emissions from the vehicles and invest in a conservation project in Brazil, where rain forest is being reforested.“

Dr. Susanne Dickhardt, Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin und Gründerin, roadsurfer GmbH

Success stories of our customers

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