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Climate neutral cosmetics and health products from Schaebens

Schaebens – climate neutral facial masks

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Schaebens is known for facial masks, concentrates and dead sea salt products, which can be found especially in drugstores. The family-owned company is thus Germany's leading brand supplier in the cosmetics sector and also offers special health products.

As a traditional family business, Schaebens upholds values such as responsibility for people and nature and has always been committed to sustainability. Schaebens has long been concerned with the environmental impact of its products and how they can be reduced. For example, the company has saved material and energy in its packaging and logistics processes. Here, too, the individual phases of the performance chain were closely examined and the entire carbon footprint of the group of companies was recorded. On this basis, a sustainable climate protection concept is now being implemented and emissions avoided or reduced wherever possible.

A further meaningful step towards increasingly sustainable management is the climate neutrality of the products. Schaebens offsets all carbon emissions that cannot currently be avoided. To this end, the family business supports a carbon offset project in the endangered ecosystem of the Amazon in Portel, Brazil, which protects local forest stands. Schaebens is thus likely to be the first leading consumer goods supplier in Germany to make its entire range climate neutral.

"As a family-owned company, we simply feel obliged to make a contribution to climate protection. Our carbon offset project in Portel is particularly close to our hearts because it fulfils such important social criteria in addition to CO2 savings: Schools and jobs for the local population, to name just two."

Heiko Hünemeyer, Managing Director, Haus Schaeben GmbH & Co. KG

Success stories of our customers

CEWE photobooks climate neutral

Every CEWE photobook and all CEWE brand products are climate neutral. That also includes CEWE CALENDARS, CEWE CARDS, and CEWE WALL PICTURES. CEWE offsets all unavoidable carbon emissions from production.

Sympatex and bleed functional wear

A true novelty in sustainable functional clothing: The “guaranteed green” membrane from Sympatex – 100 percent recyclable, PTFE-free, PFC-free, and climate neutral. Processed into a climate neutral outdoor jacket by bleed.

Bionatic – climate neutral packaging

Bionatic was founded to provide a solution to the problem of petrol-based plastics.

lavera Naturkosmetik

For each relaunch, the lavera facial care products and gift boxes are packaged in climate neutral folding boxes.

Bionatic – climate neutral packaging

Bionatic was founded to provide a solution to the problem of petrol-based plastics.

Selecta – climate neutral coffe cups

Selecta is well known for its beverage and snack machines. Now they offer coffee-to-go in climate neutral cups.